Case Study: Sedenius

Sedenius Engineering is a prominent Tier 3 Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specializing in software solutions for autonomous and automated driving. The company, along with its subsidiaries Sedenius Technologies and Axon Innovation, develops innovative and intelligent services and products aimed at addressing the challenges of future mobility.


Increased customer loyalty .
Increased retention rate
Increased brand awareness
Better User Experience for Sedenius products.

Services Provided

Marketing Campaigns
Logo & ID Systems
Brand Style Guides
Product Design


edenius Engineering faced several challenges in a competitive industry:

  1. Low Brand Recognition: Despite innovative solutions in autonomous driving, Sedenius struggled with low brand awareness in a market dominated by larger, more visible competitors.
  2. Inconsistent Branding: The visual identity across Sedenius and its subsidiaries, Sedenius Technologies and Axon Innovation, was inconsistent, leading to confusion among potential customers.
  3. Suboptimal User Experience: Customers reported that while the products were technically proficient, the user interfaces and overall experience were not intuitive, affecting customer satisfaction and retention.


  1. Marketing Campaigns: Launched targeted marketing campaigns focusing on the innovation and safety of Sedenius’s solutions, emphasizing their role in advancing autonomous driving technology. These campaigns utilized digital platforms, industry conferences, and partnership announcements to reach a broader audience.
  2. Logo & ID Systems: Redesigned the logos and identity systems for Sedenius and its subsidiaries to create a cohesive and modern look that communicated the brand’s cutting-edge technology focus. This included a unified color scheme, typography, and imagery that aligned across all business units.
  3. Brand Style Guides: Developed comprehensive brand style guides to ensure consistency across all external communications and product interfaces. This guide included detailed specifications for marketing materials, product design language, and corporate communications.
  4. Product Design: Overhauled the user interface of Sedenius’s products, focusing on usability and accessibility. The new design was guided by user feedback and best practices in UX/UI, aiming to create a more intuitive and enjoyable user experience