Case Study: Autoscreen

Autoscreen, an innovative application designed to streamline the candidate screening process for recruiters by integrating performance evaluations based on questions, responses, and skill tests.


Recruiters and HR departments face significant challenges in efficiently screening large volumes of applicants to identify the most qualified candidates.
Traditional methods are time-consuming, prone to bias, and often fail to accurately assess candidates’ skills and fit for the role.

Volume of Applications: Sifting through hundreds or thousands of applications for a single position.

Quality of Hire: Ensuring candidates not only have the necessary skills but also fit the company culture.

Efficiency: Reducing the time to hire without compromising the quality of the screening process.

Bias: Minimizing unconscious bias in the screening process.

Candidate Experience: Providing a positive experience to all applicants, regardless of the outcome.

Our Design Process:

User Research: We Conducted interviews and surveys with recruiters, HR professionals, and candidates to understand their needs, frustrations, and expectations.

Persona Development: We created detailed personas for both recruiters and candidates to guide the design process.

User Journey Mapping: We mapped out the entire screening process from both the recruiter and candidate perspectives to identify key touchpoints and opportunities for improvement.

Prototyping: We developed low-fidelity prototypes to quickly explore different design solutions and high-fidelity prototypes to refine the user interface and interactions.